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More than just a pretty face, an insight into advanced eBay SEO

eBay is coded very differently compared to eCommerce applications and as a result of  this there are various concerns that surface when developing an eBay Template.  eBay templates generally contain links to all of your store categories, store content and custom pages but the problem with this is starts because of how eBay searches through titles and descriptions text when looking for items. What happens is when a user performs a keyword search there is no way for eBay to separate the difference between policy or navigation content and content related to an actual product. This creates many problems such as the “Keyword Spamming” issue. Keyword spamming happens when your template contains content that is not actually relevant to your product listing.

To give you an example, imagine that you are a mobile phone accessories seller who sells phone cases and your item is a case that fits an iPhone 5 but your listing template contains contents and links to your iPhone accessories category, a search for “iPhone 5 phone cases” would return everything from iPhone 5’s to chargers to accessories and more. This is an example of a usability issue which can also decrease your rankings in eBay search engine page results. Our solution to minimize such issues is by building eBay search algorithm which can determine how much text is related to the keyword search and decrease keyword spamming. By using special coding techniques we avoid areas that are not important to your actual item, but still important for usability so it will still raise your position in eBay Search Results.

Get Online Store focuses on enhancing functionality, usability and eBay search engine optimisation. Unlike most design firms who simply offer a fancy homepage, we’ve designed a platform and system that creates a unique and highly functioning skin for your eBay account. Every page, every search result and every auction offers the same high end functionality and presence. We enhance usability by changing the default eBay store which is nothing more than a window into your eBay account into a cohesive shopping experience that offers the feeling of shopping on an eCommerce site. People are used to this feeling and become more comfortable shopping on your eBay store.

98% of your traffic comes from the eBay search where most people will land on one of your products, however with most shopping this may not be the final product they buy, and they may shop around and navigate their way around your store. Default eBay templates and platforms do not provide an improved user experience and research has shown that the average eBay user will abandon 5 items before making a purchase. Our platform makes it more possible for that purchase to be yours by providing you with a product that is easier and more interesting to continue shopping in your store.  Enhanced search features, ability to shop by custom make and model etc., dynamic categories are all laid out neatly, delivered to a page with a unified look, experience and functionality that displays items results that fits that exact item search. This increases store movement and is proven to increase sales, our platforms increase sales by an average of 30%. A Get Online Store eBay design is an investment that quickly pays for itself, our package includes many exciting features and our customers also get access to a great, easy to use template editor and you do not need any prior knowledge of HTML.

To learn more about getting a custom designed eBay store and template, contact us now for more information and a free quote!