Unique & Professional

All of our designs are hand crafted and made to perfection by our team of expert designers and developers who are passionate about artwork and design, they will guide and advise you towards an end goal of beauty supported by functionality

Responsive & Friendly

All of our websites are designed and developed to be mobile responsive with user friendly menus and navigation as a standard so you know that your eCommerce website is now “future proof” and ready to step up and take on your competitors

Supportive & Reliable

All of our websites are built to last and are highly reliable and will not break down. We will also ensure that you are equipped to get the most out of your eCommerce website by offering premium after sales training and support



Neto is the complete digital commerce platform. Build an online store, process sales at your bricks-and-mortar store, and showcase your products through eBay and social media, all from one platform. 

  • eBay – The complete eBay management solution for retailers. Streamline your eBay and comparison shopping site management.
  • Online Store – Neto enables small business retailers through to large-scale wholesalers to build class leading online stores that scale on demand.
  • Mobile – All Neto web stores are mobile friendly. Open your business to the world of mobile shopping.


  • Handy dashboard area to quickly add products for better product management
  • Can easily import products from your previous platform through a provided link
  • Multiple payment gateway options with discount code features
  • SEO friendly and can be integrated with eBay 


  • Perfect for start-ups, beginners or those wanting something easy to use
  • Lots of design options and flexibility to customise and meet your business needs
  • Suitable for all kinds of businesses and can accommodate smaller budgets
  • SEO friendly and can be integrated with eBay 


  • Clean and intuitive dashboard for users to manage their product and catalogue system
  • Wide range of options available for payment, shipping and returns management
  • Offers industry leading marketing functions as it works well with third party tools
  • SEO friendly and can be integrated with eBay 


  • Great value for a powerful eCommerce shopping cart with plenty of tools at a low cost
  • Comes with a fully mobile friendly content management area to track your sales
  • Easy to use with a handy dashboard that is user friendly and customisable
  • SEO friendly and can be integrated with eBay 


  • Offers a comprehensive suite of tools to take complete control of the look, feel and functionality of your site and deliver a great online shopping experience to your customers.
  • Wide array of analytical options, providing a deep insight into your customers to help grow online revenue, with tools to attract more traffic, engage shoppers and drive conversions.
  • SEO driven by generating SEO-friendly URLs, a Google site map, customised meta keywords and descriptions, so it’s easy for customers to find your products online.
  • SEO friendly and can be integrated with eBay 

…and many other platforms, get in touch with us to discuss which platform will suit your budget and business requirements for optimal results!


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    We offer unlimited design revisions to help create a beautiful eCommerce website that is also user friendly and functional

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    Want to sell on eBay or elsewhere? We specialise in seamless integrations ensuring your products get the maximum exposure

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    We can also help you customise pre-packaged solutions and assist with adding custom functions and features

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    We can help integrate your website with a range of third party tools and software designed to manage your sales and inventory better

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    We can help give your current website a fresh new look as well as help you switch to a newer, more modern eCommerce platform

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    Have an issue with your current website or service provider? Let us know and we would love to help!