GUMTREE.COM.AU receives millions of page views per month on all kinds of products Australia wide, so why not let us upload all of your products to Gumtree and get more exposure and leads for your business?

Previously it would’ve been very time consuming to post products one by one and repost but now with our new exclusive service, we can assist with the bulk list all of your products ensuring you get the top leads and conversions you want!

Unlike Google ads and pay per click,  Gumtree allows you to run your ads for 30 days with unlimited Gumtree ad clicks/views& customer enquiries at no charge at all, it’s completely free to post and sell on Gumtree. Please read on to see how it worked miracles for one of our clients.

Our client Coolstuff2buy was overspending on the traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and the conversions were helpful but they were not making money due to the high amounts they were spending on ads. They needed a cheaper solution to generate more leads or else they were going to go broke.

We came up with a way to provide a service which can help upload all their products from their ecommerce website that are currently in stock to Gumtree, with the product title, photos, prices, SKU, FAQ’s and product descriptions to be listed for 30 days. After the 30 days we help them refresh their listings to list for another 30 days with a view to extend every 30 days for best results.

After the Gumtree listing solution was implemented, customer saw a 500% increase in both enquiries and sales meaning they were spending far less than PPC advertisements but getting more leads, more sales and more profit.

EXAMPLE A below the overwhelming amount of responses Cool Stuff 2 Buy received soon after posting on Gumtree, we estimate that within 7 days they were inundated with over 170 enquires for sales.

EXAMPLE B shows our unique messaging response service which will automatically reply to the customer addressing them by name and also taking them to the exact link of the product in question to ensure you never miss a sale, even when you are unable to answer your messages.


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